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Mount Charleston / Lee Canyon
Mount Charleston / Lee Canyon

Photo courtesy of Las Vegas

Mt. Charleston / Lee Canyon

The secret to keeping cool during the hot summer months is a trip to Mount Charleston, 45 miles north west of Las Vegas, take Highway 95, turn off onto Highway 157 at Kyle Canyon. Temperatures here average 20 to 30 degrees cooler than the city.

Located in the Toiyabe National Forest in Nevada. Mount Charleston stands at 11,918 feet and offers a tranquil contrast to the excitement and high energy of Las Vegas. The Mount Charleston Wilderness contains 18,000 acres of bristlecone pine, the most extensive stand of these ancient trees in the Intermountain Region. Its high, cool forested mountain landscape is in sharp contrast to the surrounding desert landscape, much like an oasis. There are numerous outdoor activities here such as horseback riding, hiking, camping and picnicking. Call the U.S. Forest Service for more information call 702.515.5400.

For overnight accommodations indoors, try the Mount Charleston Hotel, at 2 Kyle Canyon Road. This hotel offers 60 rooms, 3 suites, a lounge, restaurant and a gift shop. 702.872.5500 or

About 4 miles away, the Mount Charleston Restaurant and Lounge offers hot food in typical mountainside fashion with a wood fireplace and picture windows looking out to the mountains. The restaurant has video slots, and a German polka band performs in the lounge on weekends and holidays.1 Oak Park Road 702.386.6899.

On leaving Mount Charleston on Highway 157 turn left about 1/2 mile to Highway 156. Turn left to Lee Canyon where the wintertime skiing lasts from November to March. The tranquil scenery is a beautiful place to visit all year round. For more information call 702.872.5462.

Mt. Charleston, NV
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